Our Skin Vacuum Pro Has gone Viral!

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Check out our Skin Vacuum Pro Range by clicking the below link;

From Excessive Oil, Blackheads that turn can turn into Acne if left untreated, Skin Problems are stressful and devastating for so many People! Usually Dermatologists and Aestheticians recommend and advise People to simply keep their face Clean by Daily washing including a weekly exfoliate and using facial moisturizer. However, this is not sustainable or even achievable for most People as we are all BUSY right!?  Most of the time when we wash our faces and or even try and get those Pesky Blackheads out of our Skin we are actually only removing Dirt from the Surface! But luckily for you we have invented our Skin Vacuum Pro range!

Our Skin Vacuum Pro range are powerful vacuum suction devices for Blackheads, Excessive Oil, Whiteheads, Acne and Dead Skin. Our devices are simply a life saver as most users see a Clearer Face in the mirror after their first use! As mentioned before, using your fingers or invasive tools only removes Dirt from the Surface, so in a couple of days or even hours in some cases dirt will be clogged in your pores just as you thought you got rid of them! Our Skin Vacuum Pro range sucks out all dirt from your pores leaving nothing but a clean pore behind!

Oh, and guess what! They all include different sucking caps/heads with different uses so not only will you get rid of Bad Skin you can also enhance your skin with different Techniques. Not to mention that our Skin Vacuum Pro v3 even has a Exclusive Beauty Lamp with has different healing properties for Skin!

Last but not least our Skin Vacuum Pro range is very easy to use and saves you heaps of time, you no longer have to spend all that time getting rid of clogged pores etc. The best way to use our Skin Vacuum Pro range is to ensure you have opened your pores by taking a Hot Steamy shower or simply steaming your face allowing your pores to open up, for additional pore opening goodness you can also check out our Skin Brush Pro. We always advise to use our devices at the lowest suction strength first and work your way up, every suction strength on our devices is Painless however depending on your skin you may feel more comfortable using a lower strength. Once you have found your “Comfort Strength” you should smoothly glide the device across your faces problematic areas and never leave the device on one spot for longer than 3 seconds as it may cause bruising due to the suction.

Your sessions with your Dermatologist or Aesthetician have just gone out the window! And while they went out the window you’ve also saved a ton of cash!

Check out our Skin Vacuum Pro Range by clicking the below link;

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